In Deep Summer –

We’re full in the swing of the most fun and hottest season of the year and the perfect time for easy life, light clothing and spending time with friends and loved ones. Everybody has a summer holiday to look forward to, taking a break from their daily routines, doing things they always wanted to and making their dreams come true. If your Summer vacation is around the corner, check out our easy packing guide to help you organize your suitcase efficiently while taking along all you need on your next destination.

Smart packing: The new black

Planning ahead makes things easier and ensures you think of all basic needs. By looking at the weather, location, and activities planned you can best determine what to take along. No matter what bag you carry, here are five strategies to determine your personal preferences in how to go about your travel packing:

1. FOLDING: While this is the more natural and quick method, it’s not as space efficient. Nevertheless, it stays in the top charts on how to avoid wrinkly clothes.

2. ROLLING: This is the most space-saving option, but won’t necessarily enable you to keep your outfits organized together, nor will it necessarily prevent they get wrinkled.

3. PACKING TUBES: The preferred alternative for organized packers and ideal with bulky items. However, in reality packing tubes don’t help you in saving up space.

4. COMPRESSION BAGS: The best choice for saving space effectively, even though they tend to wrinkle clothes and are harder to pack/unpack.

5. BUNDLING: The cleverest way – placing your wrinkle-prone items at the bundle’s outer layer and wrapping them around those you’re okay with being crinkly – but difficult when getting specific pieces out.

In the end, the best way to pack is probably a mix of all five techniques. Use bundling to keep your wrinkle-prone items neat; roll everything else to fill the empty spaces; apply space bags to shrink down puffy items; add some packing cubes to the mix for better organization; and you’ll have a flawless packing no matter what outfits you’ll be wearing.

Last but not least, here are some finishing touches to seal your perfect suitcase:

– For toiletries, medications and valuables, place them in a separate case.

– Pick mix matching, versatile clothes to create your outfits and maximize their usage.

– Use organizers in different sizes (shoe bags, all-purpose bags, make-up pouch, etc).

– Start with heavier pieces putting lighter ones that are easier to squeeze in on top.

Jet, Set, Ready.

Though the pre-work related to traveling can be challenging at times – especially if in addition to yourself you’re also packing for others – when done right it’s worth the effort and, as a bonus, it gets better every time. Whether you’re traveling near or far, no matter what situation you’re leaving behind, remember to above all take along good vibes while remaining open to the unexpected. After all, it’s the journey what matters and not the destination.

Travel light. RENEW YOU.