Making way for a functional apparel –

Is your wardrobe full of clothes, yet you’re struggling to find the right outfit?

To simplify your routine, clear your head and limit the non-essential decisions in your daily, follow the example of many successful people who have opted-out of large, complicated wardrobes. 

The more often you declutter your closet, the less time it will take to dress yourself and the easier it will become over time, enabling you to focus on your true priorities.

With these 10 tried and true tips you can detox your apparel once and for all, making way for clothes, shoes, and accessories you wear regularly and love:

  1. Empty your closet
    Take out everything displaying all items on the floor. This way you’ll get an overview of your wardrobe range and can identify the items you have in double or you haven’t used in a while.
  2. Identify your basics
    Start from the basics that still fit you and are easy to combine with more trendy items: the black cocktail dress, classy trench, comfy pumps, fav sneakers, perfect-fit jeans, cashmere pullover, etc.
  3. Sort into categories
    Once you decide which items you’re keeping, you can select the accessories, handbags and shoes to go with. Put all categories into separate piles (shorts, shirts, skirts, etc.) and sort your clothing into manageable sections.
  4. The capsule wardrobe
    Every clothing item has to have at least three matching options from your wardrobe range to be combined with and make an outfit, otherwise it’s a no-go.
  5. Second life
    Items that are worn out, unfitting or outdated but are of good quality can either be transformed into other sub-items (scarfs, belts etc.), or – if they still can be worn by others – sold as second-hands or donated.
  6. The golden rule
    Since we all tend to use only 20% of our wardrobe, don’t keep more than 40 items per season (accessories and coats not counting). Even fashionistas who shop daily are able to apply this rule!
  7. Be objective
    Select all items you haven’t worn in a year. Some you may be keeping for sentimental reasons, or in hope you may wear “someday”. Give them another chance, and if by the following year they’re still untouched, say goodbye.
  8. Outdoors apart
    Don’t overload your closet with outdoor clothing such as skiwear, beachwear and other related items. Rather, tidy them in a box to store under the bed or in your cellar.
  9. Create a Look Book
    To efficiently manage the usual morning crisis of « I’ve got nothing to wear », plan your outfits ahead, taking pictures of every item to put together as a preview of the ensemble you’re going to wear.
  10. Make a DIY closet
    Fix a couple of steel bars on your walls placing a chic curtain in front to make some practical and budget-friendly extra storage. Also, avoid stuffing your clutches into other bags: besides damaging them, you’ll lose the overview over your accessories.

Ready for the New You

You’re all set now for ringing in the new! Nevertheless, while wardrobe detoxing is indeed very relieving, going through this process alone can be quite a challenge at times.

At RENEW YOU we offer several packaged solutions at reasonable prices to help you effectively manage your wardrobe while making it at the same time a fun and insightful experience.

Less is more! RENEW YOU.