Aging with grace –

Getting old is a nuisance, no matter how wise or strong-minded or self-confident one is. Aging is inevitable, nevertheless we want to look and feel our best for as long as possible, and some of us are willing to dedicate a lot of time and money to do so.

For some, it’s the physical activity, for others the anti-aging treatments, styling makeovers or nutritional diets. As long as the promise of eternal youth is maintained, we’ll try it all.

Aging gracefully isn’t always easy, that’s why attitude matters a lot. Accepting changes and finding meaningful occupations are essential to keeping one’s vitality and allowing for a serene transition into the more mature years of our life.

To Dye or not to Dye –

Grey hair is a universal sign of aging, although it can show up even in young adults. While the debate about dying one’s mane as opposed to going for a natural discoloration is forever fervent, let’s take a look at the main reasons that influence 80% of the world population – of which mainly women – to colour their hair.

    Grey hair can look stunning on some people, but for the most part it tends to age a person, often making them look less attractive. Contrariwise, colouring usually tends to lighten up one’s face while making their hair look healthier and fuller.
    In a competitive job market, a greying mane can be a problem for job hunters and may even negatively affect promotion prospects. As a result, people often colour their hair to reflect vitality and high energy levels in order not to endure age discrimination at work or in the job search.
    No matter the underlying reasons, our culture has been encouraging the female sex to hide their grey hair since the dawn of civilization. Unless that stigma changes, women will persist in conforming to this habit in order to feel they’re meeting society’s expectations.
    Hair colour can dramatically change how a person feels about themselves and how others perceive them. For this reason, hair colour becomes an ally friend, expressing a part of a person’s looks and serving as an extension of their personality.

When going grey is fashionable –

Opting to go grey isn’t an easy choice to make. However, when done professionally, grey hair can look very chic. Just consider that getting to your ideal shade of grey will take time.

A colour consultation at RENEW YOU can help you identify your perfect hair colour, whether you decide to dyeing your grey or staying with your natural shade.

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Do it gracefully. RENEW YOU.