RENEW YOU is a Swiss lifestyle firm providing consultancy services in

  • Image
  • Design
  • Communication.

Our mission is to help people and businesses better understand and express their unique qualities to themselves and others.

We implement your assignments through

  • Skillful insight
  • Tailored solutions

helping you shape and reinforce a refined, consistent and satisfying YOU.

Our integrated approach will help you realise your full potential, respecting your past yet making your quest for a improved identity a rewarding journey.


Ranya Eitouni is the founder of RENEW YOU and she was joined recently by Christina Willimann. By combining their broad range of skills, they began working together to take image consulting to the next level.

Today our talented team includes experienced professionals with different backgrounds who ingeniously combine their know-how to best meet your needs – creatively and effectively.



We speak English, German, French, Italian and Arabic.



+41 (0)78 632 55 36