Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.

Hallo, Bonjour, Salamaat مرحبا

And welcome to RENEW YOU’s lifestyle blog, the online place to keep up with our daily in design, style and successful living.

This site is about our long-time liaison with aesthetics, creativity and communication – a passion that matured into a profession and became our full-time activity since launching this project.

Being keen observers of social trends and naturally attracted to all that doesn’t fit in a box or stays between the lines, you can expect to be taken on a different journey through the Zeitgeist of our times.

Our first mantra for a successful lifestyle is: Don’t be perfect. Be real!

That’s why we want to share authentic stories with you, about life behind the pictures and images, our many interests and the unspoiled imperfections that fill them with wonders.

For style, c’est surtout d’être avant d’apparaitre.

Our second mantra is: Magic is in the mix

That’s also why: Wir sprechen Deutsch, parliamo l’italiano, on parle français, wa natakallamou al Arabi نتكلم عربي – so don’t mind our swapping through languages here and there.

To learn more about our inspirations, don’t forget to visit our blog regularly!

Thank you for following, à bientôt, and in the meantime: Stand out. Stay fresh. And RENEW YOUr image.

Ranya & Christina