Let me tell you a story –

Every person has a story to tell, and every good story will find an ear who’ll carefully listen. Today like yesterday, stories are used in all cultures to pass on knowledge and wisdom.

Despite all scientific fostering of the logical mind, as humans we’re just as emotional as ever: storytelling still is the best way to create meaningful connections between people.

Establishing that connection has become crucial to the success of many brands who fuel their marketing by incorporating emotion in their efforts to reach their audience, making it as imperative as any other step in the new business era.

Through the proliferation of the new media, consumers have more access to corporate stories, and marketers more ways to convey their brand’s identity, using emotion as a strategic tool to create impactful content.

Emotional Marketing

When done right, emotion as a selling tool can help a business differentiate and compete in this changing environment by conveying a brand’s values, interests and passion.

However, while it’s a strategy, it must feel authentic and honest in order to work. Understanding both audience and brand identity is key to choosing the right style.

Five approaches to emotional marketing that can turn consumers into loyal customers:

  1. Motivating
    When people are inspired, they think or act differently. Associating your brand with a spokesperson that one can believe in effectively gives credibility to your product as well.
  2. Aspiring
    Building a corporate story that reflects people’s self-image creates a brand presence that speaks to their desire to reach a goal, enjoy a lifestyle or an experience they long for.
  3. Human touch
    Proving that a brand makes someone’s life better is the most effective way to humanize a business – even for a product or service that little differentiates from the competition.
  4. Landmarks
    Creating a story about your brand’s presence in the lives of those experiencing a milestone can effectively strengthen your brand’s relationship with your customers.
  5. Locality
    A “buy local” strategy speaks to people’s pride and passion for where they live. It’s also particularly valuable for smaller businesses to build loyalty from their local audience.

Can you feel it

While these approaches apply to all businesses, it’s being consistent in your storytelling across all platforms that makes a brand recognizable, credible and meaningful.

Emotion is the glue that binds products, brands, and consumers. More than ever, users are aligning themselves with brands that reflect their personal values and believes.

Whether it’s the ads you use to draw people to your website or the content on your social network: using emotion will invariably strengthen your connection to your customers.

Find your purpose. RENEW YOU.