Don’t just buy; Experience it –

Selling in a temporary setting: a concept not only breathing life into traditional retailing, but a clever business strategy to extend brand popularity and introduce a new product.

More than just a fad trend, pop-ups give marketers the unique opportunity to tap into their customer base, while testing a variety of factors to help enrich and improve their brand.

What initially started out as an attempt to revitalize abandoned shops and stores during recession times has become the hip move for filling the void in experiential marketing.

Not your average event

Despite the take-over of e-commerce retailing in today’s modern market, people nowadays are spending less on products and more on experiences instead.

Because how you perceive a product impacts your decision to buy it more than the actual thing itself, pop-ups can effectively translate a happy consumer into a loyal follower.

Here are a few insights on how to make your temporary event generate good revenues as well as return on investments:

  1. Convey the urgency
    Customers have different expectations from pop-ups than from regular stores, therefore you must create a sense of exclusivity to persuade them to buy a “now or never” product.
  2. Location is key
    With limited time to be in the spotlight, locate your event in an area that will attract the right attention from your targeted audience while boosting your brand image, too.
  3. Go Matryoshka
    If unsure about a standalone event, the store-within-a-store option can be a viable alternative, enabling both hosting store and pop-up initiator to reach out to new customers.
  4. Bonding vs. selling
    To measure your event’s success, count the number of visitors. Store visits overweight revenue and raising interest in your product comes prior to selling it to prospects.
  5. Review your pricing
    Pop-Up visitors often look for more specialized shopping (e.g. seasonal products) or special offers, so consider selling your collection at non-regular prices.
  6. Deliver the promise
    Step-up to people’s expectations by making your pop-ups relevant and unique. Your shoppers want to be delighted and surprised and able to discover new things.

Here to stay

The appeal of Pop-Ups isn’t fading away anytime soon. By energizing modern retailing, they’ve become a valuable touch-point for businesses to raise brand awareness and get direct feedback from customers on brand experience.

If you’re thinking about including Pop-Ups as part of your marketing strategy, contact us today so we can help you in actively growing your business.

Pop-it Up! RENEW YOU.