The importance of decorating –

As image consultants, we’re asked the same questions over and over: what are the new colours, latest trends, worst no’s in lifestyle?

Recently, however, a client took us by surprise, hesitating for a moment and asking, “Why should I decorate?”.

We should know the answer to this, of course. But we paused for a full minute, grasping for an intelligent reply.

In a world where people are being chased into refugee camps; with disasters of all kind filling our front pages – how can it matter to paint, furnish and accessorize our interiors?

Doing and making are acts of hope

We could think that our profession is a superficial one; that we’ve misspent our lives not devoting our efforts to a more honourable cause.

And yet, to put it in interior designer Toby Yull’s words, we believe that adorning the places we work and live in is first of all an act of creation – and an important one.

Decorating is an attempt to bring a sense of order to our lives in the midst of the world’s chaos. In so doing, we bring harmony to our spaces and cultivate our life values in them.

It’s when functionality meets aesthetics to create a haven for wellbeing and renewal, for ourselves and for others – with a footstool for every chair and a lamp for every table.

Come together!

Whenever we work on an interior project, whether it be for a corporate or private client, we always make sure to use the space so to make people feel welcome and at ease in it.

For this you don’t need a fancy, lavishly laid-out staging. Instead, you’ll want a more reality-based ambiance – where to foster the creativity of a working team and treasure the life stories of a family.

This is a mission we keep close to our hearts; and it’s why we believe in what we do as a meaningful means to promote and celebrate togetherness.

So open your doors and let your community in, for a joy that’s shared is double the happiness. Every place tells a story. Make yours a memorable one and RENEW YOU.


The Art of Colour –

What would a world without colour be? Surely, a sad mélange of shapes with no vital meaning.

Likewise sure, colour is a primordial idea different to each and one of us – with physical and objective features affected by our individual and subjective vision of it.

Conscious awareness and use of colour is therefore essential to go beyond its psychological dimension and release from indecision and ambivalent perception.

The visual, emotional and symbolic effects of colour have great influence on our mind and spirit, impacting our experience of the environment and our view of the world.

For the creative artist like for the viewer of art, understanding colour is to know about aesthetics and forms of expression.

Colour defines and makes us unique

Colour can have a huge impact on how we look, how we feel, and how others perceive us. When we get it right, it transforms our image, our mood and finally, our attitude.

Wearing colours that balance your natural shades can make you look healthier, more vibrant and younger, boosting your self-confidence and positively impacting your interaction with others.

Image consultation at RENEW YOU

An image consultation at RENEW YOU with your personal stylist will take you through colour analysis, morphology study and clothing styles to help you understand what suits you from top toe.

From these personalized sessions you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover your dominant colouring and determine the shades perfecting your image
  • Achieve the look you want both at work and play
  • Best wear the colours you already have
  • Coordinate your wardrobe and combine more outfits with less clothes
  • Find your colours this season.

You’ll leave the consultation with all the knowledge to create your own personal style, shop wisely and build a wardrobe you can really enjoy, every day.

Be colourful, be life

Learning about one’s colours is to explore who the person really is along with their wants and needs. It’s a way of cultivating our human nature, leading to a perception of inner necessities and an expression of our identity.

So be vibrant! Discover your potential and… RENEW YOUr image.